(CVF510) V2I & Infrastructure Basics 

The  V2I & Infrastructure (CVF510)course provides comprehensive technician level training. It is offered as a half-day class enabling participants to gain an understanding of V2I concepts,  on-board units, antenna functions and architecture. This course introduces key connected vehicle concepts, describes the current market landscape and the basic concepts of infrastructure related installation. It includes discussion on modern cellular networks, network operations, hardware and software, and a demonstration of how these components are being leveraged to deliver meaningful value and safety today. 

Throughout, the course will heavily reinforce terminology, network elements and the fundamental use cases driving the development of V2I and  infrastructure technology.

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Benefits of Open Enrollment

  • Learn from instructors who are experienced experts in connected vehicle and related technologies
  • Obtain new and different viewpoints from industry peers
  • Develop outside perspectives and learn alternative business practices that you can apply to your projects
  • Escape the day-to-day demands and distractions of the workplace so you can focus on learning
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Benefits of a Private Class

  • Customize the course content to your organizations unique needs and requirements
  • Gain more flexibility with time allocated to specific topics
  • Encourages collaboration and teamwork across departments and divisions
  • Equips employees with a shared knowledge of organizational objectives and expectations
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