Integrated Risk 

Avoidance Program

Mobile Comply takes a cross-sector, cross-functional view of risk issues, combining deep industry knowledge and strategic education. The objectives of our program is to ensure that  we educate cybersecurity professionals and engineering teams to have the necessary breadth and depth of knowledge needed to effectively mitigate in-vehicle cybersecurity threats. This necessitates taking a vehicle lifecycle approach to security: from specification, through design, production and in-field support and upgrades. It also requires looking beyond organizational boundaries to suppliers, and in turn to the third-party hardware and software components incorporated into the products and systems that these suppliers deliver.

We help clients achieve astonishing risk-adjusted performance through baseline skills assessments, policy and procedure, training and education. Mobile Comply works with internal teams to create risk avoidance strategies designed to deflect threats which is vital for the safety and security of vehicles and infrastructure.

With safety as an international motivator for stakeholders, active safety systems are now being delivered in mass via software, electronic sensors, and advanced vehicle technologies. Today’s vehicles typically have over 100 million lines of software code and over 100 electronics control units (ECU’s) making vehicle customization and modifications more difficult, costly, and complex. Mobile Comply provides consulting and services to support the adherence to new compliance, regulations and standards caused by this onslaught of advanced technologies.