(FCV103) Fast Track to Automotive Cyber Security  

The final course in the series requires successfully completion of (FCV102) Fast-
Track to Connected Vehicles and (FCV102) FastTrack to Autonomous Vehicles.
This course provides a foundation in cybersecurity and data privacy issues
surrounding connected vehicles, intelligent transportation infrastructure and
cloud-based services. Specific threats and consequences are explored, together
with creating and maintaining secure automotive systems and emerging best
practices for data privacy. Participants can attend online or in person.

The FastTrack Series enables participants to quickly gain a base level understanding of connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and automotive cybersecurity. The series of three up-to-the-minute and highly engaging courses build knowledge sequentially, providing the essential technical, business and regulatory context for professionals working with, or planning to work with, intelligent transportation systems.

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Benefits of Open Enrollment

  • Learn from instructors who are experienced experts in connected vehicle and related technologies
  • Obtain new and different viewpoints from industry peers
  • Develop outside perspectives and learn alternative business practices that you can apply to your projects
  • Escape the day-to-day demands and distractions of the workplace so you can focus on learning
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Benefits of a Private Class

  • Customize the course content to your organizations unique needs and requirements
  • Gain more flexibility with time allocated to specific topics
  • Encourages collaboration and teamwork across departments and divisions
  • Equips employees with a shared knowledge of organizational objectives and expectations
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