This program series offers participants the ability to learn more about specific areas of study in either connected or autonomous vehicle focused tracks. Culled from cutting-edge research by subject matter experts, these four-hour concentrated courses offer attendees with the most up-to-date knowledge and technology in the specific course focus. Although a basic understanding of the respective course topic is recommended, there are no prerequisites.


Connected Vehicle Focused Tracks:Autonomous Vehicle Focused Tracks:
(CVF501) Connected Vehicle Basics – 4 Hours(AVF601) Autonomy Basics – 4 Hours
(CVF502) In-Vehicle Systems – 4 Hours(AVF602) In-Vehicle Systems – 4 Hours
(CVF503) Infrastructure & V2I – 4 Hours(AVF603) Infrastructure & V2I – 4 Hours
(CVF504) Communications – 4 Hours(AVF604) Data, Updates & OTA – 4 Hours
(CVF505) Data, Updates & OTA – 4 Hours(AVF605) Testing – 4 Hours
(CVF506) Organizational Impact / Smart Cities – 4 Hours(AVF606) Policy & Regulations – 4 Hours
(CVF507) Security Basics – 4 Hours 
(CVF508) Testing – 4 Hours 
(CVF509) Policy & Regulations – 4 Hours




All courses in the Concentrated Series conclude with a Mobile Comply Competency Exam and ensuing Mobile Comply Certificate of Competency in the respective area to help demonstrate a level of expertise to employers, vendors, and the industry. These courses are only offered in-person.

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Benefits of Open Enrollment

  • Learn from instructors who are experienced experts in connected vehicle and related technologies
  • Obtain new and different viewpoints from industry peers
  • Develop outside perspectives and learn alternative business practices that you can apply to your projects
  • Escape the day-to-day demands and distractions of the workplace so you can focus on learning
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Benefits of a Private Class

  • Customize the course content to your organizations unique needs and requirements
  • Gain more flexibility with time allocated to specific topics
  • Encourages collaboration and teamwork across departments and divisions
  • Equips employees with a shared knowledge of organizational objectives and expectations
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