CVP203 - CVP III - Data, Markets, Policy & Regulations


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Connected Vehicle Professional III – Data, Markets, Policy and Regulations focuses on data generated by connected vehicle and data security with an introduction to the development, implementation and regulation of connected vehicles.  Learners are provided review of material from CVPI and CVPII as well as an introduction to overviews on policies and regulations being introduced into the space. Learners are presented with wide-ranging course materials, suggested reading resources, and are tested on various key areas of instruction. 

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The Connected Vehicle Professional™ (CVP) Credentialing Program helps professionals build a valuable skill set and increases professional credibility in the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) community.  The CVP is a vendor-neutral credentialing program that signifies that an individual has the requisite foundational understanding necessary of Connected Vehicle; ecosystem, communication technologies, safety and mobility function, communication infrastructure, protocols, security and more.