Connected & Autonomous Vehicle Overview Series

Course Description


The Industry Overview Series offers participants two course options for those professionals entering into the connected vehicle space. Mobile Comply recognizes that industry professionals both technically and non-technically focused will need to have a basic understanding within a compressed amount of time to drive their company connected vehicle teams.


(CVS301) The Connected Vehicle Management Overview 

The Connected Vehicle Management Overview offers professionals a condensed flexible approach to begin their journey in connected and autonomous vehicle education.
Concepts explored in this course lay the most basic of foundations for further Mobile Comply education. One common barrier in the connected and autonomous vehicle industry is being able to speak the same technical language. This course has heavy emphasis on familiarizing those professionals with common terms and technologies to help start connected vehicle focused conversations within their companies. Participants will receive an exclusive Mobile Comply Acronym Dictionary for use even after the course is completed. The four-hour course can be attended in-person or entirely online.

(CVS302) The Connected Vehicle Short Course for Transportation Professionals 

This course is geared towards those transportation professionals looking to participate in the full Connected Vehicle Professional (CVP) Credentialing Program but are either limited in understanding or time. The four-hour Connected Vehicle Short Course lays the ground work for concepts that will be explored in further depth during the full CVP program. Examples of topics introduced during the course include: a high-level view of the industry, its stakeholders, basic technology driving the industry and fundamental standards and regulations that professionals in this space will need to be familiar with. Although this course is not a prerequisite for the CVP program, it is strongly encouraged to ensure an optimal educational experience. This class is only offered



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