Preparing you to compete in the connected vehicle ecosystem.

*Today’s workforce needs to be highly skilled and flexible. GIVE YOUR TEAM THE SKILLS TO SUCCEED.

Connected and autonomous vehicles are increasingly communicating with cloud services, other vehicles and transportation infrastructure to make travel safer and more sustainable.  Building world-class products (or even remaining relevant) requires development teams to understand the rapidly evolving connected vehicle eco-system and add deep expertise in formerly irrelevant areas such as communications and cyber-security.

Manufacturers and suppliers have reacted by budgeting connected vehicle headcount, but they cannot fill these positions given the very small number of professionals with the necessary cross-disciplinary skills.  Mobile Comply provides comprehensive, relevant and timely education programs to support the ongoing need upgraded skills and fresh talent in this exciting industry.

Why is workforce training and credentialing in connected vehicle so important?

With the growing participation of non-typical automotive industry players such as telecommunications, information technology and analytics, it becomes imperative to have a common frame of understanding, and a mechanism to establish competency in this field.

Automotive and allied industries are faced with an increasing demand for professionals who have the high-tech knowledge and skills to help lead their organizations into the future of connected vehicle and intelligent transportation. Training and credentialing programs offer a solution to the widening skill and talent gap in this industry.

Why should I get credentialed in connected vehicle?

Professionals like you are faced with an increasingly competitive job landscape as they compete for new and existing careers in this field. Employers will expect you to speak intelligently about connected vehicle technology, and defend or challenge conversations, concepts, and strategies around your organization’s initiatives.

An industry credential in connected vehicle will not only increase your professional credibility, but it will also arm you with the valuable skills and knowledge you need to help lead connected vehicle initiatives within your organization.

What connected vehicle fundamentals will I need to know about?

Converging industries participating in the connected vehicle ecosystem must collaborate to deliver the safest and most enjoyable connected car experience to what is now becoming a shared customer base. Whether you are deeply involved in the automotive or telecommunications sectors, or a completely different sector wondering how to become part of the future of transportation, you will need a fundamental understanding of this space.

Here are a few fundamental concepts you should have a working knowledge of:

  • What are the safety, mobility and other verticals?
  • What communications protocols are appropriate for each vertical?
  • What are the differences between embedded, aftermarket and nomadic devices?
  • What are the different software approaches?
  • What standards govern this space?
  • What are the major Public and Private efforts, and industry affiliations?
  • What issues and best practices surround data harvesting, storage, usage rights, privacy and security?
  • What policies and regulations govern this space?
  • How are insurance, finance, retail and other sectors impacted by these changes?

Get the connected vehicle knowledge and technical competency you need to drive meaningful and productive conversations within your organization.

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